Preventing Injuries From Falling Objects

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Injuries caused by falling objects can be especially serious because the accident is often completely unexpected. When we are lounging indoors or spending time outside, we may notice our surroundings directly in front of us but we rarely take the time to look up for potential danger. When objects do fall, we may be hit and injured before we even realize what happened.

How Falling Object Accidents Occur

The best way to prevent falling object injuries is to become more aware of your immediate above surroundings. Objects can fall both inside and outside, so any time you are near a wall, under a ceiling, or near a tall building or other tall structure, you may be at risk. Many different objects can fall and cause injury, including:

  • Tree branches
  • Objects in open windows above
  • Loose ceiling fans
  • Unbalanced objects on high shelves
  • Objects not properly secured to the wall, such as hanging art, lights, or wall shelves
  • A structurally insecure building or other object that falls or from which pieces fall off
Avoiding Falling Objects

The key to avoiding falling objects is to stay aware from areas and situations where such accidents might occur. Obviously we can't always be constantly vigilant of our overhead surroundings, but being mindful of the situations in which falling object accidents can occur may help to minimize your risk. If you see any of the following suspicious signs, consider avoiding the area:

  • Along the street: Look for objects hanging over the rooftop, objects in open windows that could fall or be bumped out, or scaffolding above that could fall. Avoid walking along construction sites or near old buildings where there is a lot of loose material.
  • In parks and other outdoor spaces: Look for trees with heavy or dead branches that could fall. Do not sit or camp under trees with heavy, dead, or broken branches.
  • Indoors: when in a home, office, store, restaurant, or other building, look for loose objects above, such as lamps, fans, or shelves. Report any wobbly objects to the building owner or manager to avoid injury.
For More Information

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Preventing Injuries From Falling Objects

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This article was published on 2010/03/27