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Most people who have been involved in a slip and fall accident don't stop to take the time, or think about making sure they have all the details they need to make a solid personal injury case when they speak to a lawyer. This is crucial if you want to ensure you receive compensation for someone else's negligence.

Having witnesses is a great thing; so if you see others around you who saw you fall, ask them if they witnessed the whole thing. Ask them if they could just stick around a bit until you get an accident report filled out. If they can't wait, then ask for their information to contact them later. Have more than one witness? That's great, because in cases like this too many witnesses is never a bad thing.

Details, details, details - pay attention to the details around you. Find out what you slipped on - rug, water, debris, something sticking up out of the sidewalk? While you might not feel so bright after landing hard on your back, you have to be making mental notes about the conditions where you fell.

If you slipped in a store, do not wait until later to report the fall. Do it right away and at the same time ask that the store fill out an incident report. When you add your comments, just spell it out plainly and simply without embellishing it and state what you feel is the cause of your fall and how it affected you e.g. bruised hip, cracked wrist, concussion or a sprain or some kind. Make sure you indicate in the report you are going to the doctor.

Get a copy of the report and find out what the process is for slip and falls claims at that store and then seek medical and legal advice - in that order. Find out from the doctor what type of injury you have, how it will affect you now and in the future and pass this information along to your slip and fall lawyer.

Don't expect a windfall victory when you go to court, as there may be mitigating factors that mean you are awarded less for damages than you thought you might be entitled to - for instance, if you are partially responsible for your own accident by contributing to the conditions that caused you to fall. When in doubt, ask a lawyer.

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Slip and Fall Do's

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This article was published on 2010/04/03